I grew up in KwaZulu-Natal, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cape Town and then headed straight to Europe to race. I even sold my bike to do it.

I’ve gone from Shimano Sora to Dura Ace and back again. I’ve ridden up mountains, written off frames, and crashed more times than I can remember with the scars to prove it. I’ve skidded across Belgian cobbles, frozen on frost-cracked Canadian roads, been lost in the French mountains, fell to pieces in the South African heat, and survived the Dutch crosswinds. I’ve made breaks, missed moves, and I’ve been dropped way more times than I’ve won.

I’ve moved to places where I couldn’t speak the language, dragged my bike with me to four continents and paid more than my fair share of overweight baggage. I’ve lived in an old YMCA, a converted storage cellar, and hand washed laundry in the bathtub for months on end. I’ve raced 90 lap criteriums, one day 200km classics, time trials, multi-stage tours, national championships, and represented South Africa at the World Student Games.

I’ve had a permanent cycling tan since I was 14 years old and through trial, error and YouTube I’ve learned how to fix almost everything on a bike. I love my powermeter and my deep section wheels and I’ve had to sell my soul to get both. I’ve dreamed of making it as a professional cyclist since I was 16 and the closer I get the harder it becomes. Follow me for the 2016 season as I race in North America for Team Velo Select and I try to make the break.