Bonjour! I’m officially in France for the 2014 race season. It took an 11 hour flight, a 3 hour train ride, and a 1 hour drive but I’m finally in Vogüé, France. It’s really been a whirlwind trip considering two weeks ago I was in Durban racing the National Championships and it’s only since I arrived and settled in here that I’ve had time to digest what had happened at Nationals.

Photo: Cycling Direct
Photo: Cycling Direct

I got Impey’d again a few days later in the road race. The 180 km race was a real spectacle with Impey almost single-handedly taking on the whole of the MTN Qhubeka team. I had good legs on the day, just not quite good enough to stand up to the big drop of the Impey hammer. I was happy finishing 12th overall since it’s a good sign of things to come in the opening races of my French season.


After a solid weekend of racing the real test of endurance began: the 16 hour straight drive back to Cape Town. I got home, packed up my life and 48 hours later I was saying goodbye to South Africa for another 7 months. After lugging my time trial bike, suitcase and laptop on plane, train and automobile, I arrived to my room in the team accommodations. I was exhausted from the 5 day whirlwind of travelling but I immediately started to unpack. Having gone from a sunny 30 degrees to an inhumane -4, I just needed to put some more clothes on and get warm.


So, here I am, wearing two jerseys and wishing I had thicker wool socks, in the not-so-warm Ardeche part of the country. I’ve got two days to get warm, relearn my French, and get my race legs back because after that my season begins with 5 races in 6 days.

Until next time/ À la prochaine