Sunrise over Upper Rideau Lake

After a long stay in Holland it was great to have some down time with my girlfriend’s family in Westport, Canada. With no real training on the agenda it was great to catch up on some sleep and some reading (Tyler Hamilton’s book is a must read) and we even managed to fit in a short trip to Newfoundland for Canadian Thanksgiving. It was the perfect time of the year for a visit: the weather was great, the trees were turning for autumn, the sunrises were awesome and, the stereotype is true, the people are super friendly.

A few days after arriving in Canada we took off to the east coast to celebrate Thanksgiving. I had heard a lot about Newfoundland: the crazy locals, the awful weather, and the moose population that exceeds the human population. In the end I encountered no moose, it rained very little but we did manage to frequent all the main tourist destinations including the most easterly point of Canada, Cape Spear; Signal Hill, which is the site of the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic ocean; and the Duke of Duckworth, a famous local pub.

A little windy… Canada’s most Easterly point.
St John’s Harbour

When we arrived back in Westport after the weekend I was invited to ride with the local cycling group.  The route was great and, even though it was -1 for the first half of the ride, I finally got to experience the roads I heard all about last Christmas while I was sweating on the rollers indoors.  The ride was really relaxed until the approach of a blue town sign (the local equivalent of a hotspot or KOM) when local knowledge and cunning tactics came to the fore in pursuit of the bragging rights for the week. Needless to say I was under attack from all sides…

The trip was capped off with a rather exciting ride to the Toronto airport in an Audi R8. With most of the road laws still in tact 😉 it was back to South Africa…