With my stay in Europe drawing to a close it was time for one last flurry of races: 3 races in 3 days.

Day 1.  The Baronie Breda Classic in Holland had me hating life in the crosswinds on the dikes within the first hour. The wind seemed to sap my motivation and drive and pretty quickly I knew it was never going to be a good day. After the race split into pieces and I was left in no man’s land, I had to drop back for a wheel change.  After a warning from a marshal to stop motor-pacing, I watched the groups disappear in front of me and then decided I had enough for one day. For the 2nd time this year I am officially retiring from racing in Holland.

Day 2. With a bit of frustration over the previous day, I lined up for a Pro Kermis in Viane fresh and determined. On the first lap we were met with a 1km cobbled section, crosswinds around most of the lap, some rolling hills and a second cobbled climb. My legs were feeling good and I was enjoying the race, staying out of the wind and out of trouble. In amongst all the action, however, I didn’t get a chance to eat as much as I needed and it came back to bite me 40km from the finish in the form of a serious bonk. With 120km in the legs, I was in trouble.  Fortunately for me, I managed to raid my teammates pockets.  While my teammate helped me stay out of the wind, I ate and recovered and managed to get to the finish. Although it was not a great result, 59th, it was definitely one of the hardest, and felt like by far the longest, race of the year.

Day 3. With a very empty body I started in Vichte for another Pro-Kermis. We had bad crosswinds and some of the worst roads of the year right off the start line.  Shortly after the race had begun, I found myself stuffing my face with whatever I could get my hands on but I just couldn’t get refueled properly and I was in the team vehicle soon after.

Next on the Calender is a 2 day race in Greece starting on Saturday. The highlight of the trip is definitely going to be the route profile of day 2!