I woke up on Monday morning sounding like Darth Vader but feeling as strong as Princess Leia in her gold bikini. It’s an awful moment  when you have to accept the fact, “**** I’m sick” (insert any profanity, I usually do). I ran through the mental checklist: nose, throat, headache, fever, lungs? This time I came off lightly, nose and some muscle aches. Next step is cursing yourself for not reading the insanely obvious signs over the last few days: how does sleepiness, lethargy, swollen glands and feeling average on the bike not equal sickness? Idiot. Suddenly racing 4 times last week seems rather stupid.

So after 3 days in bed I had to make a tough decision to skip a Pro Kermis race in Izegem yesterday.  Racing while sick is the simplest way to put yourself “in the box” and be forced to miss more races. My decision proved to be a good one. After missing yesterday’s race and taking 4 days off feeling sorry for myself, I woke up this morning ready to get back on the bike. Breathing through both nostrils has never felt this good.