n7even Arrow (click on the photo to check it out!)

A new team means new weaponry!  And who doesn’t like getting a new bike?

When I get a new bike, the part of me that is an athlete is excited to test the frame and the components and see how it will add to my armoury.  How it handles, its durability, comfort, aerodynamics… Each element makes a difference, each millimetre makes a difference; so, getting a new bike is about bringing all the pieces together for peak performance.

But the other part of me that is excited is the little kid in me.  Getting a new bike is like Christmas morning.  It’s the big shiny present that makes you want to drop everything and go play. So you can imagine I was excited to get my new team bike the other day.  The whole MarcoPolo Donckers Team is saddled upon Arrows this season.

Based in Belgium, the home front of cycling, n7even is a newer brand on the market but you can tell there is experience and expertise built into the bike. The Arrow is pure carbon frame that has been built up with SRAM Red and FFWD wheels.

As I find my legs here in Europe, having a little more Belgium under me only adds to my armoury.

My new weapon.